Dunce Cap


 Here at Dunce Cap Software... we're always tinkering! In fact, there is never any shortage of work to do and, right now, with the Estacada Go app in full production mode, I have been making and incorporating a series of smaller 'Estacada Apps'. For instance, Estacada Buses is an app I made a while back but, Estacada History is new and became an app as part of the Estacada Go building process! If you're using Estacada Go you've probably noticed that it's an 'online' app. This is because the information inside is always current and up-to-date but, the reasoning for releasing smaller versions of the apps is... A) It makes a good checkpoint to test public interest in the app. B) Building all the apps in Estacada Go, at the same time, wasn't working out! I chose to try and focus on one app at a time and, with this method I can get an app working and move onto the next one. For me, this seems to work best. Once I get all the apps up and running... then... I'll have something for people to use and, hopefully, something for them to complain about! That's how I'll know what issues need to be addressed first! So... get the app and start complaining today!

This first app is one of my all time favorites! When I made this app, I didn't have a clue what java was but, by the time I finished building it java wasn't scary and unknown anymore and, it's what really kicked of my education in computer coding! YT2MP3 is only available for Android and it is NOT released in the Google Play Store! (Because it pretty much turns Youtube into your FREE .mp3 catalog!)

Just navigate to the video you want and, tap on the "Make MP3" Button! All it usually takes is one touch but, sometimes you might have to click on a download link too... rarely.