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Dunce Cap Software

noun - a paper cone formerly put on the head of a dunce at school as a mark of disgrace.

As a self-confessed reclusive introvert and computer and smartphone enthusiast... I work very hard at teaching myself everything there is to know about computers! And, at 43, I figure I'm about half way done with my education...

However, where I am at with computing, as a whole, is pretty exciting! I spend most of my days building the "toys" that I want to play with! ... n' then I give them away! (So I can make room for more toys!)

I guess you could say I'm a bit of a 'purist' when it comes to coding. My favorite, most used program is notepad.exe and I prefer coding from scratch. 'Free hand' coding is the best! That's when you have a very specific idea but, it's only in your mind!

I like to sit down and bang it out in one sitting because, there's nothing quite like knowing what your code is going to like and watching it come to life! I especially like those awesome moments when I'm not even close!

But then again... if it was always that easy we wouldn't be called...

Dunce Cap Software

"Learning everything the hard way so you don't have to!"